SITARSONIC is a fusion project of Electronica & Sitar. It is led by Paco Rodriguez who started learning sitar in 1994, in Varanasi (India). The Electronica is Chill out & Dub co-produced with Ethnicalvibes.
Following the sun in a “Never Ending Tour” the project is sustaining Paco in his nomadic life.
LIVE: Paco performs alone, playing Sitar, singing & operating & electronica. Sitarsonic invites sometimes guests to join like didjerredoo player Jovishnu aka Mr Pink, Soundscaper French Tourist, or co-producer Sam Lfo from Ethnicalvibes.
SITARSONIC has 3 bases…Anjuna (Goa/India), december to march, Matala (Crete/Greece) and Festes & St Andre (Pyrenees/France)
Sitarsonic works also with Tribal fusion dancers, everytime it is possible.
SITARSONIC have a famous “Godfather” the music producer & film maker Duncan Bridgeman (One Giant Leap, Hecho en Mexico…). He recorded, in 1999, the first
four tracks of the project, during a week-end in the french Pyrennees, where Paco was living in a Buddhist community. In 2000, Paco started working with Thierry Sabir recently met in his hometown, Bordeaux. This duo became SITARSONIC and a very creative period started, 3 Cds were produced: “Sitarsonic” in 2000 (includes Duncan,s four tracks), “Pharmakon” in 2003 & “Ethnoticus” in 2004, the next year Artpop (Bordeaux), released a compilation of the 3 : “Aditronix” (2005), a serie of concerts in France followed.